Syncplicity Support


Authentication Flows

Syncplicity follows OAuth 2.0 standards for authentication.

Syncplicity offers two types of Authentication for the REST APIs. 

Authorization Code Grant

Requires a user to login to Syncplicity and grant your application permission to access files and folders.

This grant is useful for applications that interact with user and would like to use Syncplicity storage in their workflows.

This grant works for End-User Applications with an user interface, where user can enter their username and password (either on Syncplicity provided or SSO provider's UI form).

Client Credentials Grant

Used for Server Application integrations without requiring users to login.

This grant type enables an application to connect directly to Syncplicity and obtain authorization to access files and folders.

This machine-to-machine authentication uses an Application Token (which can be provisioned for Syncplicity users) that can be used to authenticate against the APIs.



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