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Configuring app settings

To access the app settings, go to the accounts pane by tapping the Syncplicity icon () at the top of the screen then tapping the Settings icon. For example:


By default, you have the following options when it comes to favorites. However, IT can enforce device synchronization settings depending on the network you use or enforce mobile device synchronization limits.

  • Synchronize Favorites: By default, favorites are synchronized; however, you can choose to disable synchronization.
  • Sync On: You can choose Wifi and Cellular, or Wifi Only. This can be enforced by IT policy.
  • Data Transfer Limit: By default, there is no data transfer limit; however, this can be set by IT and applies only to data over a cellular network.
  • Event Notifications: Notifies you when items in your Favorites have changed.
  • Usage: Displays total and cellular bandwidth utilization for the billing period.


You can set the cache size limit or clear the file cache. The cache size limit allows you to determine how much device space that Syncplicity for Android is allowed to use. This does not include favorite files or folders.

Set Passcode

The passcode feature, when enabled, requires that you enter a passcode before you can access the Syncplicity app. This feature provides extra security to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive corporate information. When you enter an incorrect passcode that exceeds the number of times that IT specifies, then the Syncplicity policy automatically wipes the device and clears all user data.

Unless IT enforces the use of a passcode on Syncplicity mobile clients, you can enable or disable this feature. You also have the option to change your passcode.


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