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Adding photos, videos and existing files

You can take a photo or video and upload it to a Syncplicity folder, and you can upload existing files on your device to a Syncplicity folder.

You can access the Upload/Download icon from any screen or from within the folder where you wish to upload the photo, video or file.  From any screen, look for these icons in the upper right corner and click the up/down arrow icon.

From within a folder, navigate to the folder then open its contextual menu, as described in Contextual actions on folders. Within the folder, click on the Upload/Download icon.

When you click the Upload/Download icon, you are presented with these options:

  • Take photo or video.
  • Select an existing file

Take photo or video

This option brings you to your device’s webcam and microphone, where you can take the photo or video. When done, you are asked to choose the destination folder.

Select an existing file

This option brings you to a folder navigation page, which you can go up or down folders until you find the file you wish to upload, as shown in the example below. Simply tap or click the file to highlight it then click Choose in the bottom right corner.

You can upload multiple files from different locations by highlighting the files in a folder that you wish to upload then navigate to another folder and select more files. When you click Choose, a page shows all the files you selected for upload.

NOTE: If you selected only one file, you have the option to rename the file before uploading.

In the Upload page, click Upload. You are prompted for a destination folder, unless you used the Upload here icon in a folder. Afterwards, the files are uploaded. If uploading large files, you see a progress bar, where you have the option to cancel the upload.

Finding the file

Should you forget where you upload the photo, video or file, click the Upload/Download icon in the upper right corner. The Upload screen shows the last uploads, as shown in the example below.

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