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About favorites

You can favorite any file. Once you mark a file as a favorite, the content is synced locally to your device so that you can quickly access it, even when offline.

You can interact with favorite files just like any other file; however, as they are always stored on the device, there is never any worry about having to download the file while on the go. Since large files can take a lot of space, as well as time to download, you should only favorite those files that you wish to access quickly.

Marking files as favorites

To favorite a file, short swipe or right-click on the file to open the menu then click Favorite. Once marked as a favorite, you see an orange star icon on the top right of the file icon. In addition, the Favorite icon in the contextual menu is white. For example:

Viewing Favorites

Click Favorites on the home screen (or swipe down on any screen). All the files marked as favorite are shown here.

The Favorites view is like the files navigation view. You can search or filter the files just like you can in the Files view. Also, the contextual options for the favorite files remain the same as in the files view, except there is a Remove favorites icon instead of a Favorites icon. You can use this action to remove a file from the favorites view.

Tap the Resync icon to synchronize all of your favorites to make sure that you have the latest versions of your files. Note that there may be time lag for all files to be resynchronized.


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