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Contextual actions on folders

The folders listed at the Files screen are top-level folders. Any folder within a folder is a subfolder. The actions you can take on top-level folders are slightly different from the actions you can take on subfolders. 

Top-level folders

You can perform the following actions on a top-level folder:

  • Share a folder: Allows you to share the folder and its contents with others. See Sharing a folder.
  • Manage users: If a folder is shared, you can add, remove and change permissions of the users who can access the folder. See Sharing a folder. This action is not shown if the folder is not shared.
  • Remove all users: If you are the owner, you can stop sharing the folder by removing the users who currently access the folder.
  • Delete: Allows you to delete the folder if you are the owner or an Editor. See Creating and deleting folders.
  • Show deleted: Allows you to view all of the files and folders which have been marked for deletion. You can also choose to restore them from here. See Creating and deleting folders.
  • Upload File: This action lets you take a photo or video and upload it to the current folder, or choose an existing photo or video to upload. See Adding photos, videos and existing files.
  • Create folder: Allows you to create a folder within this folder. This action is available only if you are the owner or Editor of the folder. See Creating and deleting folders.
  • Refresh:This action updates the folder list with any recent changes.

You can access the folder contextual menu in different ways.

Tap the Files on the home screen or menu to display your list of the top-level folders. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or right-click on any blank part of the screen if using a mouse. In the bottom right corner, you can now access Create Folder and Refresh.

Select a top-level folder (tap, hold, and swipe down) or right-click to display these actions:

Open a top-level folder then swipe down on the screen to display these actions: 


Unlike a top-level folder, you cannot share a subfolder (and, therefore, manage users). Otherwise, you can perform the delete, show deleted, upload here, create folder, and refresh action as described above.

To access the contextual actions for a subfolder, navigate into the folder and swipe down from the top of the screen. The screenshot below shows the contextual actions of a subfolder.

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