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App settings

Select the Settings icon () to view the Syncplicity app settings.


Under Syncplicity Options you can control the following settings:

  • Clear file cache: You can set the cache size limit or clear the file cache. The cache size limit allows you to determine how much space the Syncplicity app takes up on the device. This does not include favorite files or folders.
  • Passcode and Change Passcode: You can enable an app passcode to provide maximum security around their content. You can also change the passcode.
  • Shared Link Settings: The user can disable the advanced security options for shared links. By default, the shared links options are enabled. If the security options are enforced by IT policy then you do not have the ability to disable shared link options.
  • Logout: Completely removes all data, such as favorites and settings, and restores the default settings. You should NOT use Logout unless absolutely necessary.
  • Contact Support: You can contact Support through the support page for any issue that you are facing with the app.
  • Send feedback: This link takes you to the app store where you can review and give comments about the app.
  • Send log file: You can send a log file for any issue that you are facing. When selected, you are automatically taken into a mail client with log file attached and email address pre-populated. Log files are very helpful for Support to understand any issues you are facing.
  • View tour: You can view the tutorial that discusses the various sections of the app.

Under Permissions you can control the following settings:

  • Privacy settings: You can disable access to microphone, geolocation, and webcam used for video recording.
  • Notifications: When on, you receive app notifications when files and folders have been uploaded or modified.
  • Lock screen: When on, the application runs in the background and shows the status from the lock screen.


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