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Viewing and tracking shared links

To view the shared links that you have created, click the Shared links tile in the home screen (or swipe down on any screen). You are presented with the file names, date the shared link was created, the number of times the file has been downloaded and where. You can filter and sort the lists.

To update this information, swipe down and click Refresh.

The map shows all the locations where your files have been downloaded. Click on any dot on the map to see the list of files downloaded to that location.

Tap on a file name to see the list of users who downloaded the file.

Short swipe or right-click on a file name to open the menu, where you can perform the following actions: 

  • Copy a shared link, so you can send it to others.
  • Reset password. If you have a password-protected shared link, you can change the password.
  • Delete a shared link. The URL no longer points to the file and the file can no longer be downloaded from this link.
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