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Access Restrictions policies

By default, Syncplicity users in your organization can access their account in a web browser. Such access gives users the ability to view their activity feed, browse and download files, change their personal information, deactivate computers, and perform other actions.This policy can be set from the Admin Console under policies -> Web Apps -> Access Restrictions -> Website Access policy.

Website Access policy

This policy setting allows you to restrict access to the website only to computers that have been authorized to run the Syncplicity client and ensures the website can only be launched directly from the client using the "Browse to My Syncplicity" link.

Note that this policy does not apply to administrators, Syncplicity administrators will continue to have access to the web application even when this policy is enforced.

Expose News Feed via RSS policy

RSS is a popular way to subscribe to frequently changing content on the web and have such content automatically delivered to you in a variety of convenient ways. When you enable this feature on My Syncplicity, your users can obtain a secure link to their Syncplicity activity feed and enter that link into applications like Microsoft Outlook and Google Reader. Once there, Outlook and Reader periodically download the Syncplicity activity feed and present it to the user in a familiar, easy-to-use interface. Without RSS, users would instead have to log into My Syncplicity manually to find out what’s been happening inside their Syncplicity folders.This policy can be set from the Admin Console under policies -> Web Apps -> Access Restrictions -> Expose News Feed via RSS policy.

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