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Sharing a folder

Using the Syncplicity for iPhone app, you can share top-level folders only. Sharing of subfolders is not supported.

The sharing of a folder can be divided into two main tasks: sharing a folder with new users, and managing the existing users of the shared folder.

Sharing a folder

To share a folder, navigate to the folder and click the context menu icon. This can be in the list of top-level folders or in the top bar if you have opened the top-level folder that you wish to share. In either case, tap Share.

NOTE: The Manage tab is not visible if the folder has not been shared.

You can type in any email address in the Email Address field or tap the + icon to select one or more email addresses from the address book. The app also has the type-ahead capability to match users when you start typing in the Email Address field. The email address entered has to be a valid email address.

You can enter any message for the shared users in the Message field. When you share a folder, an email goes to the recipients you entered along with the message. 

You can share a folder with editor or reader rights. If you are an owner of a folder or have editor rights, you can share the folder with other users who have editor or reader rights. If you are a reader, you can only re-share the folder with reader rights. Tap the permission that you wish to grant.

When done, tap Send.


Managing Participants

If you are an owner, you can remove any participant at any time. Similarly, as an owner, you can change the permission of any existing user from editor to reader or vice versa.

If you are an editor, you can only remove or change permissions of those users whom you have added to this folder. If you are a reader, you can share with others only as a reader and cannot change permissions. However, you can remove users whom you have added.

To manage a shared folder, go to the context menu and tap Share, as described previously. In the Share folder screen, tap Manage at the top.

In the following example, the screenshot on the left is from the view of the owner of the folder. The screenshot on the right is from the view of an Editor of the folder.


You see the list of participants for a shared folder. You can view All, which includes the owner, just the Readers or just the Editors.

Tap the context menu for the user you wish to modify. The user’s rights are displayed along with Remove. To change permission, tap the existing rights. In the screenshot below, this is Reader. You can then select Editor or Reader.

To stop sharing the folder with the user, tap Remove.


Folder Sharing Policies

Sharing of folders respects all the administrator policies on folder sharing. Currently, there are two folder sharing policies.

  • Folder sharing policy, which determines whether a top-level folder can be shared externally or not. If folder sharing is prohibited externally by the administrator, you can only share with users within your Syncplicity company account.
  • External user folder re-sharing policy, which determines whether you can re-share a folder at all or not, or only re-share the folder as an editor. If you do not have the permission to re-share a folder, you cannot share the folder or manage participants for that folder.


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