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About administrator roles

There are various Syncplicity roles: Global Administrator, Support Administrator, eDiscovery Administrator and User. The Syncplicity Account Owner always has the Global Administrator role. Global Administrators select the type of user/administrator role when creating or modifying the user’s account.

The Global Administrator role has access to all the Syncplicity administrator functions from the administrator console. For the Enterprise Edition, this also includes access to on-premise storage and connector configuration settings.

The Support Administrator role has limited access. Primarily, it is intended as an administrator role with the responsibility of performing user provisioning and user account management. Therefore, the Support Administrator only has access to the following functions from the administrator console:

  • However, the Support Administrator cannot add seats or storage, and can access only the storage reports and last login by user report.
  • Only the storage reports and last login by user report.
  • Manage user accounts. However, the Support Administrator cannot create user accounts with an administrator role, change the role of the user, impersonate a user, or delete an account.
  • The Support Administrator has the same access to device management as a Global Administrator.
  • The Support Administrator has the same access to folder management as a Global Administrator.

The eDiscovery Administrator role is a read-only role with access to Syncplicity reports, user accounts, devices, and folders. For more information on eDiscovery Administrator and eDiscovery features, see About eDiscovery and Syncplicity.

Support and eDiscovery administrators are also subject to the following administrator restrictions if configured:

  • Administrator password complexity.
  • IP address range based access to the administrator console.
  • Access to users only in those groups specified by the Global Administrator.

The User role does not have access to any Syncplicity administrator functions.

NOTE: Although a Global Administrator can assign and change user roles, the role of the Syncplicity account owner cannot be changed. Instead, the Global Administrator would first need to change the account owner to another existing Global Administrator, which is described in the Account owner article, and then change the former account owner’s role.

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