Syncplicity Support


Release Notes: Windows ("Metro") App version 1.6.0

Windows ("Metro") App: 1.6.0 



Office 365 integration

ONLY applies to Windows ("Metro") App:

· With Windows 8.1, users can open and edit Syncplicity files using Office 365 and save them back to Syncplicity

· Document changes are uploaded the next time the Syncplicity application is brought to the foreground

Shared links

· Users can view a list of their shared links and track file downloads
· Users can reset a shared link password, and copy or delete the shared link

Syncplicity Insights

· A shared link insight is triggered when a recipient has not downloaded the file for more than a day

· A usage insight notifies the user of the three most active folders in their account. This insight is triggered when the user has not used the app for a while


Open In restriction policy support

· Added support for the Open In restriction policy. An administrator can disable the ability for users to “Open In” Syncplicity files in third party apps

Mobile passcode enforcement policy support

· Added support for the mobile passcode enforcement policy. A Syncplicity administrator can enforce the use of a passcode when accessing the Syncplicity app

Create and delete top-level folders

· Users can create and delete top-level Syncplicity folders

Access permissions displayed for top-level folders

· Users can view their access permissions (owner, editor or reader) on top-level Syncplicity folders

Updated logic and icons for folder access permissions

· Personal folders (blue folder icon)

· Personal folders shared with others (blue folder icon with shared indicator)

· Folders shared with me (orange folder icon with shared indicator)

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