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Opening and editing files

You can open files stored in your Syncplicity folders (including those folders shared with you) from within the Syncplicity app by tapping on the file. This opens the file in the default application for that type of file.

Open Feature

The Open feature from the file contextual menu allows you to open the file in any of the apps on your device that can open this type of file. Tap Open to see the list of apps then select the app that you would like to open the file. The app opens a copy of the file, which is no longer under the control of the Syncplicity app; the original file remains in your Syncplicity account. 

You can use this feature to edit the file. If you edit the file while it is opened in the other app then save the changes, the changes are saved to your Syncplicity account; however, the updated file might not be immediately available.

Your administrator may disallow the use of the Open feature.

Opening and editing Microsoft Office files

While in the Syncplicity app, clicking on a Microsoft Office file automatically opens that file in Microsoft Office, if available.

You can edit Microsoft Office files and any updates to the file are automatically saved to your Syncplicity account as a new version. Once you launch the Syncplicity app, the file is uploaded. If already logged in and the app is not in the foreground, it may take up to 30 minutes to upload the file. While in the background, the Syncplicity app checks approximately every 30 minutes for any changes then uploads those changed files.

You cannot use the Office app to edit a file then save it as a new file to the Syncplicity folder.

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