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About the home screen

The home screen displays your account information, various notifications using the Syncplicity Insights feature, any recently uploaded and downloaded files, as well as access to various functions.

Account Information

Your account information consists of your name, email address, company name if applicable, and your usage and total storage capacity.

Syncplicity Insights (Notifications)

The app shows two types of insights in the home screen:

  • Usage Insights notify you of the three most active (defined as the number of create, update, delete events) folders in your account. This insight is triggered when you have not used the app for more than one day. Usage Insights is provided for both your private and shared folders. With one tap, you can go to the folders, or you can tap the X icon to dismiss the notification.
  • Shared Link Insights are triggered when recipients have not downloaded a file that has been shared with them for more than one day. With just one tap, you can send a reminder email. You can also tap the X icon to dismiss the notification. The notification is triggered only for shared links that require users to log in and download the file.

Uploads and Downloads

The app shows any files that you have recently uploaded. Tap the search icon next to an upload to go to its folder.

Shortcut icons

There are three icons at the top right of the home screen, and every screen. They are, left to right, Notifications, Upload/Download and Settings.

The Notifications list on the home page shows the most current activity. Tap the notifications icon to see the full list of Usage Insights. In addition, you have the ability to clear all notifications instead of one at a time.

Tap the Upload icon to take a photo or video, or upload an existing file. The full procedure is described in Adding photos, videos and existing files.

Tap the Settings icon to access the various configuration settings, as described in App settings.


The home page displays tiles for the following functions:

You can also display these tiles on any Syncplicity screen by swiping down.

Important navigation tip: On a touch interface, a majority of the menu items are available by swiping down from the top of the screen. If you are using a mouse, the menu options are available using right-click.

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