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Email and Digest Notifications

Current behavior: If users want to know what is happening to their files and folders they can look in their Activity Feed.

Objective of this feature: Users would like to be notified if files are uploaded to the folder or if the files have been changed or deleted.

Capabilities in OFB that are implemented as part of this feature:

(1) As a user, you can configure account settings (default)

Pre-requisite: Notifications link is visible and page is only available when feature is enabled in company settings by your company Admin.

        Some salient features regarding the page:
  • By default Frequency is "Weekly" and disabled since we have a weekly digest as a default option.
  • If you click on Restore Defaults, a warning message will be displayed: 'Are you sure you would like to reset settings for all syncpoints?'  Yes/Cancel.
  • If you click on Yes, "Restore Defaults" removes both account settings and ALL defined syncpoint settings for you.
  • "Restore Defaults" buttons is always enabled on the Account settings page, so even if account settings are default, you will be able to reset all syncpoint settings.

(2) As a user, you can configure notification settings for folder (also referred as Syncpoint) and can view settings (read-only) for sub-folder (also referred as child Syncpoint)


For some folders, a separate tab will appear for Notifications:



  • Notifications apply to the current folder, all sub-folders and files.
  • Notifications can only be applied for defined events.
  • By default, digest notifications will be off for all users.
  • For email notifications, frequency is 'when event occurs' (as per current behavior)
  • For digest notifications, frequency can be daily/monthly/weekly
  • Default schema will be effective for all the folders that have not been overridden.
  • Syncpoint settings will be removed if the user has no access to the folder anymore (folder is unshared, deleted) or "Restore defaults" is called

         Overriding the settings:

  • Default notifications can only be overridden on one syncpoint in a folder hierarchy, could be top-level OR sub-folder syncpoint but not both
  • When the notifications are overridden for a folder it is specific to a user and NOT for all users of that folder
  • Only owner (not participant) can override notification settings in OFB.
  • Admin can override notification settings when the admin impersonates a user. Impersonated user shouldn't get notification
  • Notification settings for any type of folders (documents, music, pictures, desktop, favorite, EmailAttachments, SyncplicityDrive, Syncplicity Reports) can be over-ridden.

(3) Based on selected frequency, you'll receive Digest Notifications. This setting can be overridden for a syncpoint. An example of daily digest notification:



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